Lendas medievais - Medieval Legends

Meu desenho na capa do novo dossiê da revista "Superinteressante"!

Have a look at my vicious dragon on the cover of the new special edition of the "Superinteressante" magazine! It was a bit challenging: I had only one day to do it!


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  2. Hi Jean !! Great job!! How are you? I was wondering who has made the cover of this magazine, well here it is! I'm writing for you because I also made some illustrations for this magazine and would like to share some of my work with you! If you have time, please, take a look at my portfolio! My best!
    Here is the link: http://cargocollective.com/estevansilveira/Super-Interessante-Lendas-Medievais

    1. Thank you Estevan. I hope to see other works from you soon.


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