A year in a book, my travel book trough 2016 and 2017.

It's a bit more of one year of my life in that book. It was with me all along through Belgium, France, Brazil , Chili and Italy. But it's much more than places: it is memories.

Enjoy the trip trough a year of drawings and adventures....


In the park with friends "tour et taxis", Brussels.

"Lyenn" concert at Botanique

Brussels view

Fun time at the hospital

Sleepless night at the hospital.

Liège, the river Meuse.

On my way to Brazil

Brazil "agua brancas" park

Brazil "agua brancas" park


Friends Antoine and Danesa house

Antoine looking at his daughter playing for a commercial.

Woodstove and drying clothes.

My "blue shelter".

Santiago MAC's

Back to Brussels

Bar du matin hanging with good friend.

Christmas Tree with family

Horta Museum



Verschuren the bar


Le parvis de Saint-Gilles

Parc de Forest, "la guinguette"


Parc Royal, Brussels

Middelheim park, sweet summer time.

Périgord a lot of funs with friends

Sarlat-La-Canéda, Périgord

Now it's time to close the book and to put it in the shelf.... and open a new one for more adventures!

Thanks you all for your support and your friendship.