"Fire and Blood" cover prequel Game of thrones George R.R Martin

I had the opportunity to work on the cover of "Fire and Blood" a book about the Targyryen's dynasty.
I worked with Alceu Chiesorin Nunes for SUMA - Companhia das letras publisher.
George R.R Martin's book "Fire and blood".

I had the great pleasure to discover this tweet of George R.R Martin about the cover.
It makes me happy when the author enjoy the cover.
"Check out Brazil's FIRE & BLOOD cover by the talented Jean-Michel Trauscht"

I will show you the differents stages of my work.

Looking for the right idea, it's much about finding the composition. Few values, shapes.

Time to go to the computer, I have done a selection of four images. At this stage I send those four pictures to the publisher to have a feedback.
 The colour version, looking for a mood.
 Finally the publisher wanted to see a version of those two images.
 Well it's about dragons, and what they do best: blowing fire. Let's put some fire and fury to the image.
The back cover.

 The front cover with the right wing of the book.

The final version of the book. Only missing the title.